SCCA Team ENDURO Contingency

SCCA® has amazing sponsors who offer contingency to competitors — including auto manufacturers, aftermarket equipment manufacturers, retail sales businesses and tire companies.

Contingency Sponsor Levels





Registration Required?

YES — annually, before competition

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some Sponsors


Claim Required?

YES — after each event

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Three Steps to Success with Contingency

1. Review.

Choose your competition program in the accordion below. Select “Program Details” next to each sponsor to find the requirements and benefits of each contingency program, and decide which you’d like to register for.*

2. Register.

Use the "Register Here"buttons on this page to register for Gold and Silver contingency programs. For Bronze level programs, please review the program instructions on how to register with individual sponsors. You must register for each series, sponsor and class—each year. 

3. Claim. 

For Gold and Silver programs, you must submit an electronic claim form after each event, for each chosen program. Make sure to review the requirements—they include photos you'll need to take at the event. For Bronze programs, review instructions on how to claim awards from sponsors.* 

*Contingency registration for Championship events is separate from National and Majors Tour registration.
**Claims must be submitted within 30 days of event completion.
**Road Racing claims will be held a minimum of 10 business days after the event due to the appeals process. 


If you have questions regarding SCCA contingency programs, please email Brandy Wiggans.

Enduro National Tour Contingency Program Information

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