Enduro National classing

Class Philosophy and Background

SCCA Enduro has four National classes, each with a maximum tire size (200 treadwear minimum), fuel capacity and adjusted displacement limit. The class, or classes, in which a car will be eligible to compete is based on the base displacement of the engine in the vehicle, with adjustments to that displacement based on performance modifications to the drivetrain, suspension and/or aerodynamics. This “adjusted” displacement then determines the lowest class eligible. The team can run in that class or any (faster) class above it based on the desired tire size and fuel capacity.

Regions may or may not run these classes, so look at the Event Information (sometimes known as "Supplemental Regulations") to see the specific classes being run at an event.

The goal is that teams can do almost anything to their production-based car and nearly every vehicle within the performance window will have a spot to participate. Click on the Class Calculator to determine the class for your car:



Adjusted Disp. Max Limit (liters) 6.2 4.5 2.9 1.9
Base Disp. / Weight Ratio 1 lb./cc 1 lb./cc 1 lb./cc 1 lb./cc
Fuel Capacity (Gallons) 20 17 15 14
Tire Width Limit (MM) 295 255 245 225

Class Table

Car class is determined by the Enduro Class Table, which is available as a calculator spreadsheet here.