The SCCA Team Enduro Rules are the rules for drivers, crews, officials and organizers to follow when participating or organizing an event. When the rules are updated, a new version will be linked below, and any changed or added rules will be in red text. Archived versions of the rules will be at the bottom of this page, along with a feedback form.

The Team Enduro Rules are divided into the following sections.

1. Overview
This section is the most basic of SCCA Enduro Rules. Team Enduro, assumption of risk, participant conduct, and media rights are described in this section.

2. Drivers
This section lists the full rules for Driver Eligibility, Licensing, and the gear a driver needs to be able to participate.

3. Vehicles
Here, you’ll find the rules for vehicles regardless of what class the vehicle runs in. Eligibility, performance limits, and the things a vehicle MUST have done to it to be eligible for Team Enduro are listed here. (E.g., specs for roll cages and other safety items.)

4. Sporting Regulations
These rules list the full requirements for the event, including rules for paddock, grid, flags, practice and race sessions, on-track etiquette, driver stints, pit stops and post-event procedures.

5. National Classing
This section outlines the allowances for National Classes – what you can do to the car and what class it puts you in. Regions are not required to run National Classing, so check event information for specific events (often called, “Supplemental Regulations”) to find out if National Classing will be used in whole, part, or not at all.

6. Awards
If you did well enough – overall, in class, or just with superlative categories – this will outline the guidelines for awards in Team Enduro events.

7. Protests, Appeals and Penalties
While we hope that everyone can “just get along” there are times when emotions, judgements and pushing the limits of the intent of the rules get the better of us. This section outlines what to do when participants step outside of the intended bounds or when they might not agree on behavior or the interpretation of a rule.

Appendix A - Event Officials and Duties
The Appendix cover what Organizers (SCCA Regions and Staff) need to have to host an event. This first section described the necessary officials and their duties.

Appendix B – Event Hosting Criteria
This Appendix covers what administrative procedures need to be covered for a Region or Staff to host an event.