• Edward J Forrest Jr.

    OK...I know it's a Rambler!

    IT-A.   10 years of development.  Started at 2:21 at Road Atlanta and ended with consistent 1:50's.    Significantly modified suspension...front and rear.  Includes 1100# springs (yep) in the front and QA Shocks.  Modified leafs and QA in the rear: Panhard Road; Speedway Engineering Sway bar in rear.  Fully legal cage.  Professionally built engine, Weber Carb, very nice gear box and LSD.   More fun to drive than you might imagine! 


    The only thing that keeps this car from getting under 1:50 are 8" disc and...maybe the Driver! 

     Maybe 55-45 Weight Distribution.


    Excellent school and regional car.  Includes 2 sets AMC 14" Mags and "real" Shelby 14" Mags.  These cars are like Morgans: a little Chevy, a little Ford and a little AMC.   Under $6500. Much more...Atlanta.  

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