The June Sprints Majors @ Road America - Gr 3 SRF, SRF3 Practice

Pos Cl # Name Best Time Gap Last Time Laps S1 S2 S3
Waiting for event to start.

Event Details

Live Audio
Live Chat
no audio Delete
yes Delete
Audio ON Delete
Sometimes the laptop just seems to get tired and shuts off, cutting the audio stream. I've got to go back in and reboot system to get 'er going again. Delete
just the yellow stripe is missing when they go across start finish Delete
Gonna be another delay while they put a barrier back in place for safety's sake. Delete
Sargis is a DNS in GTL ? Delete
They show him as DNS Delete
Yes, Sargis is DNS. Delete
Does anyone know what happened to Matt Reynolds? Delete
Matt only did 2 laps Delete
Did Moser break the Prelude? Delete
Did everyone only see one turn the entire race (one camera view) for the entire race? Delete
Moser broke with one lap to go. Delete
Moser broke with one lap to go. Delete
camera not on this morning? I'm seeing production cars during the SM race Delete
Working on getting the feed over to the website. Delete
thanks Jim! Delete
Video should now be up. Delete
yes, refreshed browser and video is up. thanks! Delete
is there audio? I had it for the SM race, but not now...... Delete
Audio should be back up in a minute. Delete
Still no audio Delete
Check your setting or fire wall because I'm listening to the audio online as I type this. Delete
... or maybe refresh? Delete
Refresh did it! Thanks! Delete
what happened to FM 8 John Entwistle Delete
John Entwistle... ...Who? Delete
Way to go to my two nephews in FC, 1st place Joshua Saurino and 2nd place Nigel Saurino. You boys are awesome! Hans Saurino, you rock too! Delete