Heat Five/West Course

For the first time in recent memory Jeff Kiesel is not leading the E Modified standings heading into the second day of competition. Instead, Jason Minehart holds the top position, 0.967-second ahead of Kiesel. Kiesel has retained an iron grip on the class keeping a string of eight consecutive E Modified National Championships alive since 2007.

During his first run, on a dry surface, Kiesel took out a cone. As the remainder of the first drivers in the heat cycled through, the rain began to fall. That left many of the early favorites without the opportunity to take a run at the West Course in the dry. The timing of the rain also hurt Kiesel in that his best time of the day would only be good enough for second place, with the cone penalty figured in. Many drivers are treating the entire competition as a one day event. At this point the door in E Modified is wide open.