Saturday Summit Point Winners Interviews

 SUMMIT POINT, W. Va. (May 2, 2015) -- Saturday's opening races of the Summit Point doubleheader were held under gorgeous skies, marking the penultimate round of the SCCA U.S. Majors Tour Southeast Conference and the third round of the Northeast Conference.

As races conclude, we'll interview the winners and post the videos here.

 Justin Huffman, Formula Enterprises

 Alex Mayer, Formula 1000

Chuck Moran, Formula Continental

 Keyvan Andres, Formula Atlantic

Dennis Hanratty, Prototype 2

 Tyler Kicera, Spec Miata

 Jeff Lehner, Spec Racer Ford

Eric Heinrich, Super Touring Under

 Michael Scornavacchi, Touring 4

 Preston Calvert, Touring 2

 Tim Estes, Super Touring Lite

 Rob Hines, Touring 3

 Mac Korince, B-Spec

Mike Brent, Formula 500

Jim Oseth, Formula F

Rick Shields, Formula Vee

 Joe Aquilante, Touring 1

Jack Busch, Grand Touring 1

Cheyne Daggett, American Sedan

Randy Kinsland, Grand Touring 2

Chris Dryden, E Production

Bobby Lentz, Grand Touring Lite

Ken Nesbit, F Production

Tim Pitts, H Production

Summit Point Majors