We have updated the Sporting Regulations and Driver Eligibility based on what was learned at the Nelson Ledges Enduro National Tour

Driver eligibility has remained basically the same, with the following adjustments to make it easier for road race eligible drivers to run, and for anyone who might not have a current road racing license or Novice permit but :

  • Any of the “Alternate” licenses allowed by the GCR for road racing are now allowed to run in Enduro.
  • An SCCA Road Racing Novice Permit is now allowed to run Enduro – if the driver meets minimum track experience required for the Enduro Rookie License.
  • If a driver has a currently valid medical on file with the SCCA but does not have a current Road Racing License or Novice Permit, the driver does not have to get another medical form filled out to apply for their Enduro License.

The Sporting Regulations have also been adjusted following the Nelson Ledges Enduro National Tour

  • We now specify that the initial green flag will be a two-by-two (double-file) start, but restarts following full course yellows will be single-file.
  • We have written in a line to allow for “Virtual” safety cars, which will enable procedures like “Code 35” at VIR.
  • After discussion and testing at Nelson Ledges, we have determined that any loss of control (Spins, offs, impacts, car-to-car contact) will necessitate a driver visit with the Driving Coach. A driver driving off to avoid another incident isn’t considered a “loss of control.”
  • We have adjusted the pit-road rules to allow a fuel jug to be rested on pit wall – IF there is a crew member with a hand on that jug to control it. We’re looking deeper at this – whether we want to allow it, and if that crew member handing off fuel jugs also needs to be in full fire gear.
  • We have now included “fuel capacity” in the common items checked during post-race impound. While this was our intent before, we wanted to clarify the expectation of this check following an event.