The SCCA National Office and Solo Events Board (SEB), with support from the Board of Directors, is introducing a new Committee born from the Solo Development Coordinator program. In the past the Solo Development Coordinators have been responsible for driving growth and improvement within the regional solo programs while reporting back to the national office with their findings. The Solo Development Coordinator program was a loosely organized group that had lost some of its momentum and the SEB and National Office wanted to see the program reinvigorated. The still-active Solo Development Coordinators have been formally transitioned into a Solo Development Advisory Committee (SDAC) reporting to the Solo Events Board.


The goal of the SDAC is to support growth of the local regions while providing the national office and the SEB with feedback on the successes the regions are seeing as well as the struggles they are facing. This better visibility will help the national office and SEB ensure they are supporting the regions where they are able and catering to the desires of the membership. The SDAC will give another voice to the regional membership that previously had to pass through Area Directors.


The SDAC will have regular meetings attended by the committee members, liaisons from the SEB, and liaisons from the national office. The current Solo Development Committee members and the divisions they represent are listed below. Interested in joining the conversation? Submit your resume to the Solo Events Board by selecting the Development category. For information on which division you are located in visit


Central Division – Paul Kolatorowicz

Great Lakes Division – Ray Jason

Midwest Division – Albert Hermans

Northeast Division – Gregory Vincent

Northern Pacific Division – Jessy Lucena

Rocky Mountain Division -

Southeast Division – Mark Pilson

Southern Pacific Division – Anthony Porta

Southwest Division – Mat Beck