Rolling Awesome: The Ver Mulm Camaro

Posted Monday February 3, 2014 by heywardwagner

With the help of co-driver Eric Cirks, Ron and Sonya Ver Mulm have completed one of the most anticipated builds of the 2014 season. Their new E-Modified Camaro is 4 inches narrower than the previous car, and 13 inches shorter. The wheelbase on the car is a svelte 102 inches. Under the hood you will find a 406 cubic inch all aluminum small block. The engine is set back 27 inches from the stock location and has been moved 9 inches to the right to offset the driver's weight and make room for the pedal box. Weighing in at 2600lbs, the car uses a rocker arm front suspension, coilovers in the back with 16x12 front wheels and 16x14 in the rear. Look for the car to make its National Series debut at Spring Nationals.

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