About the 2013 Solo Rules

Posted Friday February 15, 2013 by douggill

The 2013 Solo Rules are online and the printed version is available through SCCA Member Services. There are a couple of items that have been applied to the online version that could make it a bit easier to use.

Some parts have been linked so it may be easier to find a referenced section. For example on page 23, the third sentence of Section 1.1, Mandatory Provisions, says, “At events where kart classes (KM, JA, JB, JC) are offered, Sections 2.7 and 2.8 are mandatory.” Part of the sentence, “Sections 2.7 and 2.8,” has been linked so a click on the box will go to page 33 which has those sections. Then using the Alternate key along with the left arrow key (Alt+←) will return back to the previous page.

There are other items that link to a website. “GCR” should go to the SCCA Club Racing Cars and Rules webpage. “Swing axle” (3.3.3.B.13 or #13 on page 38), which probably hasn’t been used on cars since the 1960s, is linked to an information webpage describing a swing axle. A Solo Vee or Formula Vee could be the only swing axle cars some SCCA members may ever see. (One tell-tale is there is no outer joint between the wheel hub and the axle of an independent suspension.)

Have questions concerning the Solo Rules? Please contact me. I’m here to assist.

Doug Gill
SCCA Solo Technical Manager
SCCA National Office, Topeka, KS

SCCA Solo Rules: http://www.scca.com/solo/content.cfm?cid=44517

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